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High Quality General & Emergency Dental Care In Turkey-Antalya

Presi Dent is Powerd by Alanya Dental Center is a professional and affordable private dental practice offering an extensive range of dental services at the clinics, including cosmetic, periodontic, endodontic, implant and cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, amongst other specialist dental services!

Presi Dent is located in Antalya, Turkey, offering a unique, comfortable, and stress-free dental care experience.

Presi Dent which is powered by Alanya Dental Center has been applying wide range dental treatments for its patients  for more than 18 years in Antalya is ready to welcome you in a warm and friendly environment!

Our expert team will give you the best practices, because our patients are the priority.

Presi Dent Ünvanı Alanya Artur Diş Polikliniği Sağlık Hizmetleri Ltd.Şti. tarafından kullanılmaktadır. Mersis No : 0048052945400012

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